“We cannot always build the future of our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

About Us

We at We for Youth believe that the young people of today are the solution to the challenges faced by our society. We are dedicated to provide support to them so that they can pursue their aspirations and become who they are destined to be. We believe that this will create better, harmonious and peaceful communities in the world that we live in.

We for Youth is a safe place for the young people who feel burdened by the overwhelming demands of the modern society. We are a group of people, most of us being educators, who wish to serve as light houses to guide them and sometimes act as traffic signals to help them wait, stop and ponder so that they can continue working towards their goals in a more meaningful way.

We strive to improve youth’s inner wellbeing, strengthen their reasoning and develop holistic strategies that will help youngsters cope with the challenges in our society and reach their true potential.


Empower Young people to reach their full potential by offering mentorship, support groups, motivational content designed to better their emotional wellbeing.

Move Forward

Work Together

Learn Life Skills


We for Youth envisions a society where the youth are inspired and supported to realize their true potential.

“Everything you imagine can become real”