We for Youth

Your future is our Passion


Youth represent the future of our country.
This website aims to motivate the youth towards loftier goals and noble values.
This website would help them to avoid pitfalls and snares and traps that would pull them down.
This website would motivate them to ascend great heights and achieve great things.


The job of the teachers is very noble.This website aims to remind the teachers that they should not only educate the minds of the students,but help in the overall character formation of the youth with sound moral values.
This website should keep reminding the teachers that they are engaged in a tremendous task of nation building.They help in creating great minds and people of greater calibre.


This aims to provide the parents the platform to help understand their children in a better light.

This aims to reduce the generation gap and serve as a bridge between the parents and their children. This aims to help the parents understand the youth who are tossed by the inability to understand their emotions, harmonal changes, demands and expectations on the part of teachers and parents to perform better academically and their own need to be understood and for the feeling of security.

This website would help parents to realize that a paradigm shift may be needed in their approach to their children.

This website would encourage the parents to accept their children as they are, to get connected emotionally with their children, to release them and their children of the pressure to perform better academically, to show more concern, love and understanding towards their children.